Classic Travel Guides

Margaret Majcherczyk

Years of experience: 25
Countries: United States, Caribbean, Europe
Languages: Polish, English
Expertise: Las Vegas, Caribbean Cruises, Skiing in the Alps

Jerzy Majcherczyk

Years of experience: 30
Countries: Peru, South America, Egypt, Australia/New Zealand, U.S.
Languages: Polish, Spanish, English
Expertise: Trips & Expeditions, Rafting & Trekking, Exploration
Traveler, Kayaker, Explorer

Jan Gać

Years of experience: 40
Countries: Mexico, Italy, Israel, Spain, France, Poland
Languages: Polish, English
Expertise: Archeology and History
Historian, Photographer & Traveler


Years of experience: 30
Countries: United States
Languages: Polish, English
Expertise: Scuba Diving, Marine Biology, Rock Climbing, Rainforest
PADI Dive Master, Marine Biologist, Alpinist


Years of experience: 7
Countries: Peru, Bolivia
Languages: Polish, Spanish, English and is currently learning Quechua (Inca language)
Expertise: Peru, Bolivia, Geology & Archaeology
Specialist in the history of pre-Columbian cultures


Years of experience: 30
Countries: Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia
Languages: Spanish, English, French
Expertise: Peru, Colca Canyon, Amazon
Mountaineer, Explorer


Years of experience: 25
Countries: Ecuador, Colombia, Panama
Languages: Polish, Spanish
Expertise: Trips around Ecuador, Colombia, Panama
Tour guide through Ecuador


Years of experience: 10
Countries: Argentina
Languages: Polish, Spanish
Expertise: Buenos Aires & Argentina
Tour guide through Buenos Aires

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