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We’re no stranger to taking care of clients from around the world. As a travel agency that has organized hundreds of trips across six continents and served thousands of people from every corner of the world, we have dealt with practically all possible travel scenarios and arrangements. Our knowledge and dedication allows us to prepare a seamless travel experience for all our clients.

Group Trips

Group trips have set dates and itineraries. This is ideal for those who enjoy traveling in the company of other fellow travelers and who would prefer to be taken care of by our experienced guides & pilots. Group trips are open to everyone and are first come, first serve. 

Because we service clients from around the world, the base price & itinerary of our trips does not include the travel arrangements to the start of the tour (e.g. on a trip to Peru, the round trip flights to and from Lima would not be included, but the flights within Peru from Lima to Arequipa would be). For this reason our group trips officially begin at our tour destination - you may choose when and how to reach the start of our tour, or you can leave it up to Classic Travel. During the reservation process we’ll work with you to organize the travel arrangements that suit your circumstances and needs. Because most of our clients depart from either NYC or Warsaw, we offer assistance at the airport in gathering our trip participants and checking them in. 

Personal Packages

Personal packages are trips prepared for small private groups or individuals. This is ideal for those who prefer traveling alone with their friends or family. Dates and itineraries are flexible. The itineraries listed on our website can be thought of as a starting point for building out a more complete trip. For all our personal packages we offer local pilots – you may choose to have a guide for the whole tour or for specific segments. The keyword here is flexibility. View our catalog to get an idea of our offering and then contact us to customize the trip to your wants and needs!

For our clients from the US/Canada

Classic Travel is based in the New York City area. We invite all our clients to visit our main office in Wallington, New Jersey. View our full contact information. For all our trips, we offer full airport services at Newark and JFK airports. For clients outside the New York City area, you may choose to connect flights in New York or fly directly to the start of the tour.

For our international clients

We will gladly service and assist all our international clients. We offer full travel insurance and flexible payment options for almost every country in the world. Please contact us for more information.

Handling unexpected travel delays and last minute issues

Although most of our travel arrangements are executed without issue, there is always the unfortunate possibility of a delayed flight or missed connection. In this case we will provide assistance and make all the necessary travel arrangements so that you can join up with rest of the group as soon as possible. For each one of our trip participants, we will monitor your flight status and respond accordingly in the event of a cancellation or delay. Additionally, each participant is provided with all the necessary contact information to reach our tour guide, our tour organizer, or our emergency hotline. Rest assured, Classic Travel will do everything it can to make sure any travel issues are addressed seamlessly and immediately. 

Most importantly, we offer travel insurance (which is very comprehensive and surprisingly well priced), that covers all costs associated with travel delays, cancellations, and many other events that are out of your control. Read more about our travel insurance

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