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After you have traveled with us three times, you will become a Classic Travel Platinum Member. As a platinum member, you will be entitled to the following discounts for the rest of your life!

$50 off any trip valued up to $1,000
$75 off any trip valued between $1,000 and $2,000
$100 off any trip valued between $2,000 and $3,000
$150 off any trip valued up to $5,000
$200 off any trip valued over $5,000

The value of the trip is the base value as listed in our catalog – any optional and/or additional costs are not included in determining the amount to be discounted.

Referrals for Classic Travel Group Trips

Receive $50 off for every person you bring with you on one of our organized group trips. This discount applies only for referrals outside of your family.

Savings for Private Trips

If you organize your own group trip you are entitled to a discount. The amount you will be discounted is negotiable depending on the trip, the cost, and the number of people. Please contact us and we will work with you! For trips organized using one of our prepared packages, the organizer will receive the following savings:

Bring with you…
4 to 6 people and receive 10% off
7 to 9 people and receive 25% off
10 to 15 people and receive 50% off
15 to 20 people and receive 75% off
20 or more and travel FREE!

If you would like to organize your own trip with the itinerary of your choosing (we'll work with you to build a new package), than the amount you save can drastically increase. For example, you can travel for free with a group of only 10 people. Savings are negotiable.

This discount is applied to the base value of the trip. Any optional and/or additional costs incurred during the trip are not included in the discount. Further discounts may be applicable depending on the trip type and cost.

Student Discounts

Students who travel with us on one of our organized group trips are entitled to the same discount rates as our platinum members (see above for platinum member discount rates). This applies only for trips that are “educational” in nature. Examples include our trips to the Amazon and Galapagos (botany and zoology), our SCUBA diving trips (marine biology), our cultural trips and/or pilgrimages (history, archeology, religion), or any trips that examine ancient civilizations (Egyptian, Aztec, Maya, Inca, etc).  The student must provide proof of his/her enrollment at a university/college.  

Military Discounts

We believe our veterans and active duty military personnel deserve the best treatment for serving our country. A valid US Military ID must be presented in order to receive discounted rates. Our veterans and active duty military personnel are entitled to the same discount rates as our Platinum Members (see above for Platinum Member discount rates).

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