Picture of the Marian shrine of Our Lady of Fátima during the May 13th celebration. Inset is a picture of St Peter's Square, where our group had the privilege of meeting Pope John Paul II.

"Our venture into organizing pilgrimages all began many years ago. As with any trip my focus and drive was to experience something new. In this particular case it was also to deepen my faith. Yet my first trip to the Holy Land turned out to be much more – it was a life changing experience. I returned home a different person, unable for weeks to adjust back to my life. 

Recognizing the fruits of my pilgrimage, a new passion was born. Over the past 13 years Classic Travel has organized more than 50 pilgrimages servicing dozens of parishes and hundreds of pilgrims. This passion is rooted in my hope that each pilgrim will have a similar experience to mine. It is rooted in my faith and in my enthusiasm for giving others a life changing experience. For these reasons we undertake each pilgrimage with a responsibility to give our pilgrims nothing short of the best."

Jerzy “Yurek” Majcherczyk

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Our offer for your Parish

Classic Travel will gladly work with you in preparing a pilgrimage for your parish. You may choose to add or remove from any one of our programs, combine multiple pilgrimages into one, or even work with us to create a completely new tour.   

When hosting a pilgrimage we will keep the participation exclusive to your parish. If you would like to go on a pilgrimage but lack sufficient participation, we will open it up to the public and assist you in filling the trip.

For all our pilgrimages the priest or spiritual guide travels free. Classic Travel can help organize a fundraiser for the pilgrimage so that each participant joining will directly benefit the parish, organization, a certain project or charity. We’ll be happy to discuss any other arrangements that better suit your needs.  We also offer complimentary service in getting the word out to your parish, such as creating & distributing flyers and hosting info sessions & orientations. 

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Some of Our Pilgrimage Organizers and Coordinators

Jerzy “Yurek” Majcherczyk - Born and raised in a small rural village in Poland, Yurek went on many walking pilgrimages to the Black Madonna of Czestochowa as a child. Yurek believes in the example set by John Paul II, the Pilgrim Pope who visited over 129 countries. As pictured above, Yurek was fortunate to meet Pope John Paul II on many occasions. 

Jan Gać - Jan is a historian & photographer by education, explorer & archeologist by passion. Jan is the author of countless articles and fourteen books, of which three are dedicated to Christianity and the life of Jesus. He has guided many pilgrimage tours to Italy, Holy Land, Greece and Mexico. Mr. Gać is recognized as an authority in archaeology and the history of Christianity. 

Wojciech Bęben, PhD - Wojciech Beben is a Professor of Ethnology, Cultural Anthropology and Archaeology at the University of Gdansk. He is an expert on Christian culture, the author of several books and hundreds of articles. He holds a Ph.D from the Polish Academy of Sciences. For years, he has lead pilgrimages to the Holy Land and all over Europe. He conducted research on primitive peoples of Australia, New Zealand, Papuii New Guinea and Polynesia. Prof. Beben is an avid traveler and a great storyteller which also makes him an excellent guide.

And many more guides worldwide!


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