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Why Classic Travel?

Ultimately what differentiates any travel agency is the people behind it. Our founders, Margaret and Yurek Majcherczyk, have over 50 years of combined experience in the travel industry, ranging from adventures to vacations to pilgrimages. Their passion for travel is the foundation of our business.

Margaret, our lead vacation specialist, has spent her entire career putting together vacation packages for families, romantic getaways for newlyweds, and ski trips, cruises, & other leisure group trips for friends, clubs, and organizations. Throughout her career Margaret has serviced clients such as Tommy Hilfiger, Magic Johnson, Estée Lauder, and world champion boxer Tomasz Adamek, among many others. Margaret is beloved by her clients for many reasons, among them her charisma, dedication, and passion to give each client a wonderful vacation experience. Learn more about Margaret.

Yurek, on the other hand, is a renowned explorer, kayaker, author, and adventure enthusiast. His passion lies in exploration, discovery, and going where no other has gone before. Yurek is a member of the prestigious Explorers Club, has been named by Paddler magazine as one of the 20 legends of paddling, was a member or leader of countless expeditions, and has authored several books and numerous articles. Yurek brings with him an immeasurable amount of experience in adventure travel that enables us to take our clients on the best in class tours in pursuit of the most exotic locations and unique experiences. Learn more about Yurek

Why should I purchase a vacation package from you?

While many consider purchasing from online mega merchants less of a hassle, in reality the opposite is true when you consider all aspects of the travel process. First and foremost, Classic Travel offers a dedicated and knowledgeable staff that is unrivaled. We have firsthand experience of resorts, cruises, and getaways from around the world that allows us to understand the fine balance of quality and price. When deciding on a vacation, we’ll work with you to understand your expectations & goals so that we can customize a package and make the travel arrangements that best suit your needs. Additionally, having a dedicated travel agent will give you peace of mind prior to and during your travels. Our experience and connections in dealing with unforeseen travel issues give us the exceptional ability to alleviate, if not completely resolve, any of your travel headaches. As many of our clients have already learned, having your own travel agent is priceless. Visit our vacation start page to learn more. 

Why should I go on an adventure tour with you?

When going on any adventure the most important factor to consider is the experience level and knowledge of the tour organizers and guides – this not only ensures the highest level of safety & wellbeing for the participants, but the overall quality and authenticity of the experience.  For this reason, Classic Travel is an unparalleled adventure travel agency. Our team, led by Yurek Majcherczyk, is comprised of energetic explorers and renowned guides. We have a passion for unique experiences and exotic destinations, featuring a catalog of tours that span the globe – from Alaska to South America, Europe to Australia, Africa to Asia. We have even organized month long expeditions that have circumnavigated the world. We simply love to travel and share these experiences with our clients. Visit our adventure starting page to learn more. 

How do you offer such competitive prices? 

Classic Travel has been around for over 25 years, garnering endless amounts of knowledge and experience. Over this time we have mixed and matched different tour operators, hotels, airlines, and guides to find the highest quality at the best possible price. In addition to this we have access to discounted rates through exclusive contracts with many of our airlines, hotels, and tour operators.

Do you offer any special discounts?

We understand that traveling can be expensive, which is why we do our best to help you save wherever possible. We offer several ways to earn coupons and discounts, such as through referrals, posting reviews, or traveling with us multiple times. We also regularly post last minute savings on our website or in our newsletters. Visit our travel discounts page to learn more. 

Traveling with us

What is included in the cost of your trip?

This is best answered by visiting the trip’s page in our online catalog. For group trips we tend to provide most meals, all transportation, entrance fees for attractions, hotel accommodations, a private Classic Travel tour leader/guide, and local guides. Domestic flights within the destination country are also included when listed as part of the trip itinerary. For vacation packages we include accommodations, airport transfers, and certain meals – all other expenses (excursions, guides, local dining) are optional and at your discretion. 

Is international airfare included in your tour prices?

Because we service clients from around the world, the base itinerary and price of our tours do not include the travel arrangements to the destination of our tour. We do however service our clients in making these arrangements; this includes round trip flights, transportation, and airport assistance. We will work with you on this during the reservation process. 

How do I join your group trips and what city do they depart from?

Our group trips officially begin at our tour destination (as opposed to any departing airport) so that we can accommodate all of our clients. You may choose when and how to reach the start of our tour, or you can leave it up to Classic Travel to organize the travel arrangements that suit your circumstances. Because most of our clients depart from either NYC or Warsaw, we offer assistance at the airport in gathering our trip participants and checking them in. Learn more on how to travel with us.

I am joining a group trip, but there are flight delays. What can I do? 

There is always the unfortunate possibility of a delayed flight or missed connection. In this case we will provide assistance and make all the necessary travel arrangements so that you can join up with rest of the group as soon as possible. For each one of our trip participants, we monitor flight status and respond accordingly in the event of a cancellation or delay. Additionally, each participant is provided with all the necessary contact information to reach our tour guide, our tour organizer, and our hotline. Rest assured, Classic Travel will do everything it can to make sure any travel issues are addressed seamlessly and immediately. Learn more on how to travel with us.

Most importantly, we offer travel insurance (which is very comprehensive and surprisingly well priced), that covers all costs associated with travel delays, cancellations, and many other events that are out of your control. Read more about our travel insurance. 

What is the difference between group trips and personal packages?

Group trips have set dates and itineraries. This is ideal for those who enjoy traveling in the company of other fellow travelers and who would prefer to be taken care of by our experienced guides & pilots. Group trips are open to everyone and are first come, first serve. 

Personal packages are trips prepared for small private groups or individuals. This is ideal for those who prefer traveling alone with their friends or family. Dates and itineraries are flexible. The itineraries listed on our website can be thought of as a starting point for building out a more complete trip. For all our personal packages we offer local pilots – you may choose to have a guide for the whole tour or for specific segments. The keyword here is flexibility. View our catalog to get an idea of our offering and then contact us to customize the trip to your wants and needs!

Who will be our tour leader?

Classic Travel employs many experienced tour guides with a vast array of expertise – from scholars of archaeology and history to SCUBA diving masters and marine biologists. All of our guides are very professional and knowledgeable, always looking to answer every question. Each trip will have the tour guide listed. Read more about our guides.

Can you organize a private group trip for my company, organization, club?

Of course! We organize private tours for any group size to many locations – from adventurous rafting trips to relaxing cruises. Discounts for the group leader can be found in the Travel Discounts section of our website. For private group inquiries please contact us with group size, destination, dates and any additional preferences. 

I am interested in additional destinations not included in the itinerary. Can they be added?

For our personal packages, yes, the itineraries are very customizable. Our group trips on the other hand have more defined itineraries. Many of our group trips include optional tours in addition to leisure time for individual sightseeing. We understand and know from experience that our traveler’s backgrounds and interests vary and therefore we look to provide as many options as possible. Make sure you contact us about what exactly you’d like to see – if we get enough requests we’ll make sure it’s on the itinerary. 

I am a single traveler, will I be required to pay a single supplement?

If you would like to have a single room we do require single supplement payment. If you would rather share a room we make an effort to match you with another traveler of the same sex or may place you in a triple with two other travelers. Only when these methods do not succeed, which is rare, do we require single supplement payment.

Reservations, Cancellations & Insurance

I am interested in joining one of your trips – when do I have to sign up by?

Our group trips are first come first serve, so the sooner the better! 

How do I make a reservation?

In order to reserve a spot on one of our trips, we require you to send in a completed and signed trip application along with deposit. You can begin the process by sending in a reservation request electronically through our website – find the trip you are interested in and select “request reservation”. You can also call or email us directly. Once we receive your request, we will contact you with all the necessary steps for completing the reservation. For our personal packages and vacations, our specialists will work with you to customize the trip to fit your needs. Learn more about the reservation process.

I have sent in my trip application and paid for my trip in full, now what?

After you have sent in your application and payment you will receive confirmation and receipt of payment within two weeks. Please contact us if you do not receive this. Once you are confirmed, we will send you all the necessary travel documents no later than 2-3 weeks prior to your trip. This will include items such as tickets and vouchers, suggested packing list, hotel accommodations, rooming list, and any additional instructions & tips for your tour.  

Am I required to purchase travel/medical insurance?

Medical insurance is mandatory for all trips and it is up to the trip participant to choose an insurance package that fits their needs. Prior to the commencement of the trip, Classic Travel may request all trip participants to provide a copy of their travel insurance certificate. Medical insurance should cover accident and sickness expenses and emergency evacuation. We also highly recommend that cancellation insurance is purchased. This will allow you to recover your costs in case you must cancel the trip due to an unforeseen circumstance (sickness or death of yourself or a close family member, extreme weather conditions, terrorism, loss of employment, etc). Travel insurance is very affordable and well worth the money!

Travel insurance can be purchased through Classic Travel. We offer travel medical insurance as well as more comprehensive insurance packages that cover trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel delay, baggage loss, and more. During the reservation process we will provide you with our insurance options and rates. Learn more about travel insurance and rates.

Are your group trips guaranteed to run?

While a vast majority of our group trips do go on to happen, they are not guaranteed to run. Each trip has a minimum passenger requirement that must be fulfilled in order for the trip to take place. In some instances it is possible to have the trip run with fewer participants, but in such cases the cost of the trip may increase by 5-10%. We do reserve the right to cancel trips ahead of time, with refunds being honored.

I need to cancel my trip – what are my options?

Once a booking is confirmed your deposit will not be refunded. Any cancellation by a client must be made in writing and be acknowledged by the company in writing (mail/email/fax). The date on which the request to cancel is received by Classic Travel will determine the cancellation fees applicable. The cancellation fees are expressed hereafter as a percentage of the total tour price. We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance to avoid these possible expenses!

• Cancellation 90 or more days before the trip: return of deposit, less $20 for office fees.
• Cancellation 89-60 days before departure: Loss of entire deposit.
• Cancellation 59-31 days before departure: 50% of cost of services booked.
• Cancellation less than 30 days before departure: 100% of cost of services booked.

Trip Preparation

How can I prepare for my trip?

Prior to your trip we will send you a list of suggested packing items as well as guidance & tips for an enjoyable experience. We also recommend that you read up on your destination so that you know what to expect – the more you know the more you can make of the experience!  

What visas or travel documentation am I required to have?

Visa requirements change frequently and are dependent upon your nationality and your destination. Check the trip page for information on this. We will also notify you during the reservation process of what will be required. 

What is the most appropriate type of luggage to bring? 

This depends on the trip you are taking part in. For vacations, pilgrimages, or any other leisure trip we generally recommend suitcases with rollers given that our modes of transportation will accommodate these types of luggage. For more adventurous tours we recommend duffel bags and backpacks. We will provide you with a suggested packing list to assist you with this. 

Should I bring spending money with me?

For group trips we include most meals and travel expenses, as listed in our itinerary. We do however recommend that our participants bring cash with them for shopping, optional excursions, tips, meals not listed in the itinerary, and for any unexpected costs. 

What will the weather be like where I am going?

When planning any tour, we choose dates during the seasons best suited for travel. For example, our South America tours will avoid the rain season. Although we aim to avoid undesirable weather, there is always a chance for this regardless of the season. We will inform you of the weather you should be expecting for your tour. 

Can you cater to my dietary and medical requirements?

We most certainly will try! When filling out your trip application be sure to mention these requirements. We take this seriously and will do everything we can to accommodate you. Depending on the nature of the tour, it may not be possible to provide for your dietary needs or to meet your medical requirements.  If this is the case we will reach out to you to discuss alternatives. If a compromise cannot be reached we will refund your payment. 


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