Classic Travel Guides - Rozalia

Classic Travel - Guide - Rozalia


Years of experience: 10
Countries: Argentina
Languages: Polish, Spanish
Expertise: Buenos Aires & Argentina
Tour guide through Buenos Aires

Rozalia was born in Buenos Aires and is ethnically Polish, her grandparents coming from Poland in the 1920’s to settle in Argentina. She not only learned the Polish language but also learned to love Poland, which she sees as always being her home. For these reasons Rozalia is a unique tour guide in Buenos Aires, embodying two cultures in her personality.  For Poles visiting Argentina she is not only able to share her knowledge of the capital city and the country in general, but also the history of Polish accomplishments in the region.

Rozalia studied biochemistry at the University of Buenos Aires and is an elementary school teacher, teaching mathematics, phsyics, chemistry and biology. For many years she taught Polish in Saturday schools in Buenos Aires. For the past few years she has been the acting principal at this school. She was the first to lecture about the Polish language in the cathedral of languages at the University of Buenos Aires.

She also danced in a folklore group “Our Balet” and has her own spot in the “Polish Home.” Her daughters, who are 4th generation, speak Polish and are instructors in Polish Children’s Scouts in Buenos Aires. Rozalia, along with her daughters, took part in Pope John Paul II’s visit to Buenos Aires.

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