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Classic Travel - Guide - Jessica


Years of experience: 5
Countries: USA
Languages: English, Polish
Expertise: Hawaii: adventure, leisure, action sports
Our guide in Hawaii

Born in Chicago of Polish parents, Jessica was raised with Polish customs and traditions, attending Polish school. She spent summer and winter breaks in Poland, staying close to her family roots. Her first trip overseas to Poland ignited a desire to travel and see the world, the whole world.  In 2008 this led her to move away from Chicago to attend the University of Hawaii and live in Hawaii, where she resides today.

Jessica graduated the University Of Hawaii, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Religion.

Her educational focus and study points to her interest in people, their motivations, interests, habits, and morality. After graduation she continued her studies, focusing on Pacific Rim cultures and the practice of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Yoga. Jessica’s goal is to pursue an advanced degree in Psychology and become an entrepreneur focused on wellness and health, mental and physical health.

Living in Hawaii brought Jessica face to face with thousands of tourists from all over the world. This heightened her desire to not only travel but to merge it with her goal of working with people in the area of wellness and health. The synergy of tourism, wellness, and health is undeniable, and a perfect fit for someone focused educationally as well as practically in these areas.  Jessica loves exploring the Hawaiian Islands and still continues to seek out the never ending possibilities of Hawaii. Her enthusiasm for life, her bubbly personality, and smile are contagious and will leave you with a joyous and satisfied vacation.

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