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Years of experience: 17
Countries: Peru
Languages: English, Spanish
Expertise: Tropical ecology, Ornithology, Botany
Our guide through the Peruvian Amazon

Devon Graham is a tropical ecologist with a Ph.D degree from the University of Miami (1996), Florida. He has been fascinated with the tropics and with animals all of his life, and has lived, studied and worked in several countries in Africa and Central and South America, as well has having visited tropical areas of Australia and Asia. Devon's specialties are in ornithology and botany, but he is also interested in many other aspects of tropical ecology.

Since 1994, he has spent extensive time each year in the Peruvian Amazon, and is currently President and Scientific Director of Project Amazonas, Inc., a non-profit humanitarian, conservation, and research organization which operates three field stations in the Peruvian Amazon.

When not in the Amazon, Devon teaches in the Honors College of Florida International University, writes, and does consulting in the fields of tropical ecology and biology in Florida and elsewhere.

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