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Grand Canyon Rafting

Deluxe Rafting - No Experience Necessary

Date coming soon
Available dates: Select dates from the end of May to the middle of September

Enjoy our deluxe rafting trip where you will experience the best views the Grand Canyon has to offer.

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Mystical Ethiopia

Group trip dates: From: 06 January 2024 | To: 21 January 2024

Ethiopia is a thoroughly Mystical country, full of secrets from the beginnings of Christianity in its northern part and numerous tribes and ethnic groups in the south. Beautiful landscapes of the south and especially the Omo Valley, where the tribes of Konso, Hammer, Dassanach and Mursi people dominate. They amaze and shock with their distinctness of body decoratiotion, dress and the way of life. In the north, monolithic monasteries and churches dominate, as well as steles reminiscent of the rich history of kings from the 5th and 6th centuries. Here we will visit the ancient capital; Aksum with the hidden Ark of the Covenant. This journey is a trip back in time and will help understand why Ethiopia was the only country in Africa that has never been colonized.


$5,390 w/international flights from Newark

Ecuador & Galapagos

Group trip dates: From: 29 February 2024 | To: 10 March 2024

This unique trip offers a 5-day delta-catamaran trip around the Galapagos Islands and a 5-day exploration of Ecuador with a full day tour of the Quito capital and equatorial line, exploration of the most beautiful lake in Ecuador, accommodation in haciendas from the 17th century, hiking in Cotopaxi Park, shopping at Indian markets and relaxing baths in hot springs. These are just some of the attractions of this unique trip.


Adventure Panama

Panama Canal - San Blas - Kuna

Group trip dates: From: 24 March 2024 | To: 31 March 2024

After seeing Panama City and the Panama Canal - full of tehcnological and engineering wonders - we will visit the Emberas and Kuna (San Blas) natives, who live in areas that emanate lifestyles from 500 years ago. Their traditions, folklore, outfits and cuisine will provide for a travel back through time. $100 discount for students


Classic Egypt

Group trip dates: From: 17 April 2024 | To: 28 April 2024

Experience the beauty and history of Egypt, visiting Cairo, Memphis, Giza, and Abu Simbel before embarking on a Nile cruise ship. Discover captivating ruins and majestic natural scenery between Aswan and Luxor on a luxurious 5-day cruise. 


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