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Poland Express

Central & Southern Poland

From: 11 June 2018 | To: 18 June 2018
Duration: 7 Days

This trip is for those with little vacation time - in 6 days you'll see the best of southern Poland including Warsaw - Poland’s Capital, Cracow - Poland’s historical and cultural capital with a trip to Zakopane - Poland’s mountainside. The trip also includes shorter tours to Poland’s top attractions like: Wieliczka salt mine from 13th century or Czestochowa - Poland's spiritual Capital with the famous shrine of Black Madonna.


Peru Express

Machu Picchu-Lake Titicaca-Colca Canyon

From: 17 August 2018 | To: 27 August 2018
Duration: 11 Days
Guide: Marek

Fantastic tour of Peru's best attractions for those with little vacation time! Guide: Marek

$2,290 Price with domestic flights in Peru

Peru Health Retreat

Machu Picchu-Colca Canyon

From: 03 November 2018 | To: 15 November 2018
Duration: 13 Days

This unforgettable journey combines the biggest tourist attractions of Peru - Machu Picchu and sightseeing of Cuzco, Arequipa and Lima with comprehensive physical and mental restoration of the body. Daily meditations, yoga and massage, baths in hot thermal springs, eating healthy food prepared by you under the supervision of our food specialist. In addition, we will eat local herbs and products from the Amazon and the Andes from the well-known Quinoa, to the Maca Root and Vilcacora and drink coca leaf tea. This cleanse will not be complete without physical activities we will undertake while exploring the beautiful Peruvian landscapes.




With Chef, Yoga and Health Expert Jessica Gebel - Majcherczyk

From: 30 November 2018 | To: 08 December 2018
Duration: 9 Days
Guide: Jessica

Honolulu - Waikiki – Oahu - Diamond Head - Waimea Falls - Kailua - Lanikai - Koko 



Mystical Ethiopia

From: 01 December 2018 | To: 13 December 2018
Duration: 13 Days

Ethiopia is a mystical country, full of mystery from the beginnings of Christianity in the north and numerous tribes and ethnic groups in the south. Beautiful landscapes of the south, especially the Omo Valley, where the Konso, Hamer, Dassanach and Mursi peoples dominate. They shock and awe in their distinct colorful outfits. In the north monolithic monasteries dominate, as well as the stele's, reminiscent of the rich history of kings of the 5th and 6th centuries. Here we will tour the ancient capital of Axum with the hidden Ark of the Covenant. In Harar we'll see the 13th century muslim town of Jugal. This journey is a trip back in time.


Holy Land and Jordan

Bethlehem-Jerusalem-Nazareth-Galilee-Petra-Dead Sea

From: 10 March 2019 | To: 20 March 2019
Duration: 11 Days
Guide: Jan

Pilgrimage to the roots of Christianity, journeying through Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth and Galilee as well as the Dead Sea and Masada.

$3,250 Price includes flights from Newark

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