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14 September 2016
Travel often? Sick of wasting time waiting on lines at the airport? You should look into the Global Entry Program, and here's why.

The Global Entry Trusted Traveler Network is a 5 year membership that can be attained by following a few steps:

1. Register online and complete the application
2. If approved, pay the $100 fee and schedule an interview
3. Bring required documents to the interview

If approved, you will receive your Global Entry Card shortly thereafter.


- Every flight you get on, you can enter (at time of purchase or at airport) your Global Entry ID (known as Traveler ID) and you get TSA precheck approval. The TSA precheck line is a shorter line and requires less security measures (you usually don't have to take shoes/belt/jacket off) when going through security.
- When returning to the US from abroad, you do not have to fill out the declarations forms on the plane (when flight attendants ask, simply mention you have Global Entry). Once you get to the kiosk you can do it quickly digitally. You slide your passport in at the kiosk and do fingerprint scan and you get a printout - done.
- You go through a separate line for customs - straight to the kiosks - instead of waiting behind people. The entire process is automated and once your printout gets checked quickly by an agent, you're free to get your bags at the baggage claim.
- Once you get your bag, you also have an expedited line for baggage claims exit. So when you find over 100 people waiting in line, you can skip on through on a separate line to exit!

To find out more information and visit the official website, click here.


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05 December 2018


On November 21 of this year during a ceremony at the Peruvian Residence in Warsaw, the Ambassador of Peru in Poland, Mr. Alberto Salas Barahona, awarded the order "For Outstanding Merits" in the rank of Commander to Mr. Jerzy Majcherczyk, an outstanding expert on Peru and discoverer, awarded by His Excellency the President of the Republic, Martina Alberto Vizcarra Cornejo, by virtue of the Supreme Resolution No. 148-RE-2018, in recognition of his valuable professional and social work in Peru and the contribution to the dissemination of knowledge about the natural richness of Peru.

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06 September 2018

From Poland to Peru and Around the World

From Poland to Peru and Around the World, you are invited to travel with Classic Travel by YUREK Majcherczyk.

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09 February 2017

Why book with a travel agent?

Some people believe booking with travel agents is a thing of the past...think again!

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14 September 2016

Benefits of Global Entry

Travel often? Sick of wasting time waiting on lines at the airport? You should look into the Global Entry Program, and here's why.

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08 August 2016

World Youth Day Kraków 2016

Classic Travel organized a pilgrimage from the USA to Kraków for WYD July 23 - August 3, 2016

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