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Peru Express

Machu Picchu-Lake Titicaca-Colca Canyon

Group trip dates: Three dates: April 2018 | June 2018 | August 2018

Fantastic tour of Peru's best attractions for those with little vacation time! Guide: Marek

$2,290 Price with domestic flights in Peru

Best of Peru & Bolivia

Machu Picchu, Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca, Uyuni Lake

Group trip dates: Three dates: April 2018 | August 2018 | April 2019

Our comprehensive tour takes you through Peru's best known destinations as well as some less traveled locations that we believe are hidden gems. Join us on this unforgettable journey through Peru!

$3,590 Price with flights in Peru

Colca Canyon Expedition

& Source of the Amazon

Group trip dates: Two dates: August 2018 | April 2019

Sanctuaries of Peru

Group trip dates: From: 29 August 2018 | To: 05 September 2018

Sightseeing of Lima with visit to the Sanctuary of Saint Rose of Lima; Cathedral and monastery Frances; Participation in the celebrations of Saint Rose of Lima; Visiting Arequipa with a full day trip to / and visit of the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Chapi; Visiting Cuzco with the Cathedral and the churches "La Compañía de Jesus" and "La Merced"; and the "Peruvian Sistine Chapel" in the church of St. Peter in Andahuaylillas.


Peru Health Retreat

Machu Picchu-Colca Canyon

Group trip dates: Three dates: November 2018 | April 2019 | April 2019

This unforgettable journey combines the biggest tourist attractions of Peru - Machu Picchu and sightseeing of Cuzco, Arequipa and Lima with comprehensive physical and mental restoration of the body. Daily meditations, yoga and massage, baths in hot thermal springs, eating healthy food prepared by you under the supervision of our food specialist. In addition, we will eat local herbs and products from the Amazon and the Andes from the well-known Quinoa, to the Maca Root and Vilcacora and drink coca leaf tea. This cleanse will not be complete without physical activities we will undertake while exploring the beautiful Peruvian landscapes.


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